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Non-ad supported information on the Online Offerings of Community Colleges in Areas of Job-Growth: Environment, Energy, Healthcare, Technology, Social Services and Others - Partner Sites: &
Under $100 p/unit
Under $200 p/unit
Under $300 p/unit
Under $200 p/unit



Community Colleges with US "Non-Resident" Online Tuition Cost per credit of less than $200.

Colleges are listed below by tuition pricing level per credit. Since the launch of this site, several of these colleges have had to increase their tuition, and some are now over $200 per credit - as noted.

NOTE: In response to changes in federal guidelines on out of state online students, students who wish to enroll in online courses at out of state institutions should contact the selected college's admissions office to confirm the availability of the selected program in their state. 

Williston State College
Tuition - – Distance Education Tuition is $100.68 per credit hour, but the Total Tuition and Fees per credit hour are estimated at approximately $182.92. As noted earler, due to recent new national online education guidelines, please check with the school directly for the latest program offerings, tuition and fee rates, as these change often, and without notice.  International Non-resident tuition is $136 per credit plus all applicable fees - estimated at $174.68

Career Resources/Services -

International Students -

Online Programs:

Online Programs include:

Certificate of Completion:
 Administrative Assistant
 Information Processing 
 Health Information Management 
 Business Management
 Medical Transcription
 Mental Health Addictions Technician
 Administrative Assistant
 Health Information Management
 Information Processing
 Business Management
 Medical Transcription
 Mental Health Addictions Technician
 Speech Language Pathology Assistant

Spokane Community College
Tuition -, – Non Resident Waiver for US Citizens and Permanent Residents is approximately $122. 20per credit, not including all applicable fees. Please contact the school directly for the latest online education rates and fees.  For International Non-US Citizen, the tuition is $258.85 per credit plus all applicable fees.

Career Services -

International Students/ESL -
Online Programs -

Online Programs include:

Office Clerk
Office Assistant
Front Office Professional
Office Software Specialist
Legal Information Processing
Legal Receptionist
Medical Receptionist
Accounting Clerk
Administrative Assistant
Office Information Systems
Administrative Office Management
Customer Service Representative
Legal Administrative Assistant
Accounting Assistant  

Casper College
Tuition - - The Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) is a program of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE). Students who are residents of WICHE states may enroll at participating two- and four-year college programs outside of their home state at a reduced tuition rate.

For residents of the WICHE participating states:  Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming & also for Nebraska residents at this college - the tuition rate is $125 per credit, and for other non-residents the tuition rate is $231 per credit, plus all applicable general, distance learning, school and program fees.

Career Center -

International Students -
Online Education -  - Offers online programs in Agricultural Business and other areas.

Online Courses and Programs include -

Atlantic Cape Community College
Tuition - - Online Courses Tuition is $119.20 per credit  plus all applicable general, school and program fees. Please check with the school directly for the latest tuition and fees, as these change often and without notice.

Career Advising/Services -

International Students -

Sustainability -
Online Programs -

New Jersey Virtual Community College Consortium -

Online Courses and Programs include -,,

Online - Non-Credit - - Most courses approx. $99 plus all applicable fees.

Online Degree Programs:

Atlantic Cape Community College, a leader in educational technology, offers associate degrees through distance education. Most of the programs are offered through online classes, available via the Internet. The degree programs available include:

Associate in Science degrees in:

Associate in Applied Science degrees in:

Associate in Arts degree in Liberal Arts with options in:

ACCC was the first community college in the state to offer a full degree program at a distance, something driven by the needs of the casino industry, where rotating shifts make attending a traditional college class impossible.


Des Moines Area Community College
Online Tuition– Resident tution is $131 , and non-resident tutiion is $262 plus $25 online course fee per credit hour. NOTE: Since the initial inclusion of this school on our list, there has been changes to its tuition, and there is some confusion as to how the "Out of State"Online Students tuition is being defined, so AboutEdu strongly recommends that you check with the school directly for the most up to date total costs on the online program of interest. The school's admissions contact information is on their site.  

Career Services/Placement -

International Students -

Online Programs include - ,
Associate of Arts Degree (AA)  Online
The Associate in Arts Degree provides the course of study equivalent to those offered to freshman and sophomore-level students in attending any four-year college/university. If students receive the AA form DMACC, this degree, in most cases, will meet the lower division requirements and will admit them to the junior status level. Students should contact the specific institution to which they wish to transfer regarding any unique requirements of that institution.
Business Administration Associate of Science (AS) Degree Online
Online Certificates:


College of Dupage - College of DuPage is the second-largest provider of higher education in Illinois and is the largest single-campus community college in the nation outside of California
Tuition - - Internet-based courses (except F-1 students): $132 per credit hour plus all applicable fee; including a per internet course fee per course.

Career Services -

International Students/Program Options -
Online Programs & Courses - ,

Online Courses and Programs include:
View all C.O.D. credit online courses. More than 150 courses cover various subject areas.
 Certificates Available Online:
Courses for the following certificates can be taken entirely online:
• Business Environment and Concepts (PDF)
• Management (PDF)
• Supervision (PDF)
• Consumer Marketing (PDF)
• Marketing (PDF)
Office Technology Information
• Administrative Assistant (PDF)
• Executive Assistant (PDF)
• Office Technology Information Essentials (PDF)
• Word Specialist (PDF)
Associate Degrees Available Online:
You can take all or most classes for an associate degree online. Find all online courses available for the degrees:
Associate in Arts (PDF) — This degree can be earned entirely online.
Associate in Science (PDF) — Take one independent study or classroom class and earn the rest online.
Associate in Applied Science (PDF) — All general education courses for the AAS degree are available online.

Raritan Valley Community College
Online Tuition - - RVCC On-Line Courses and NJ Virtual Community College Course - $128 per credit (no fees charged).  Check with the schools for availability of their online programs to students in your state, and the latest tuition/any other costs for your program of choice. These costs change all the time and without notice.

Career Services -

International Students -

Sustainability -
Online Courses and Programs -

Online Courses & Degrees offered include:
RVCC is making it easy to fit a college education into your busy schedule by offering an expanding number of online courses. From accounting to English to psychology, RVCC offers more than 80 online courses every semester
You can even earn a degree without stepping foot into the classroom. Three of our most popular degree programs:
- an Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts,
- an Associate of Science Degree in Business Administration and
- an Associate of Science Degree in Management Information Systems  
can now all be completed entirely online.
Our online courses offer high quality, rigorous instruction provided by accomplished faculty members. Students interact with their instructors and fellow students via the computer.
RVCC offers special orientation programs to help you prepare for studying online and shows you how to make the most of the educational experience

Western Wyoming Community College
Tuition - The Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) is a program of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE). Students who are residents of WICHE states may enroll at participating two- and four-year college programs outside of their home state at a reduced tuition rate.

For residents of the WICHE participating states:  Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming - the tuition rate is $124 per credit, and for other non-residents the tuition rate is $230 per credit, plus all applicable general, distance learning, school and program fees.

Career Services & Placement -

International Students -
Online Programs - ,

Distance Courses Available Statewide:

Online Degrees Available through WWCC:
Western Wyoming Community College offers 2-year degrees and certificates via a distance. To find out more about the degrees and certificates below please refer to the college catalog. 
AA/AS Degrees:
A.A. Degree with emphasis in General Studies
A.S. Degree with emphasis in General Studies
A.S. Degree in Accounting
A.S. Degree in Business Administration
A.S. Degree in Computer Information Systems
A.S. Degree in Economics
A.S. Degree in Marketing
A.A.S. Degree in Office information Systems 
Web Site Development Certificate (18-hour)
Accounting Certificate (one-year)
15-Hour Western American Studies Certificate

BA / MA Partnership Programs:

Do you want to Pursue a Bachelors or Masters Online: WWCC has developed relationships with four-year colleges and universities to provide opportunities for Western graduates and other community members who wish to continue their education by pursuing baccalaureate and masters degrees while remaining in Rock Springs or Green River.
Below are four universities that provide opportunities for you to complete a bachelors or masters degree locally. Some of the courses meet on the Rock Springs campus at specific times, but some you can complete at home at your own speed:
University of Wyoming
Franklin University
Regis University
Upper Iowa University    

Foothill Community College
Online Tuition - Tuition Calculator -, and  -Out-of-state, Foreign citizens and eligible visa holders will be charged $135 per unit in addition to the basic and required enrollment fees. (EX: A, E, G, I, K, L, H1, H4, Permanent Resident, etc.)

Career Services -

Campus Abroad -

International Students/Foreign citizens  - - There is no difference between the tuition and fees for online and traditional classes.  NOTE: 
This is one of the nation's lowest per credit cost for International Traditional or Online Students at $135 per unit plus all applicable fees. 

Sustainability @ Foothill -
Online Programs – Foothill Global Access Programs. School offers a large number of online programs, but we were unable to clearly identified which credit bearing certificates were fully online, and recommend checking with the school directly to get the latest information.  For this reason, many of their programs were not included in our separate program list section.

Online Courses and Programs include:

Online Associate Degrees:
Students can earn the following degrees and certificates by completing fully online courses. Please note, however, that strictly online oral communications courses (COMM) may not be used on IGETC Area 1C for CSU admission and transfer.
AA Anthropology
AS Database Management
AA Economics
AA Gen Studies/Social Science
AA Geography
AA History
AS Informatics
AS Internet Technology
AA Music Technology
AA Psychology
AA Sociology
Gen Ed Requirements
Online Bachelor Degrees:
-Foothill + California State University East Bay
Bachelor of Arts Online Degree Programs
-Foothill + Franklin University BS Programs
-Foothill + University of Illinois at Springfield
Bachelor of Arts Online Degree Programs
 Other Special Programs:
DLI Foreign Language AA Degree
 (for Defense Language Institute students only)
Career Certificates:
 Bookkeeping Specialist
 Database Developer
 Enrolled Agent Preparation Program
 Music Technology
 Tax Specialist
 Web Programming
 Web Publishing
Skills Certificates:
 Database Developer
 Music Technology
 Open Source Databases
 Oracle dB Administration
 Photo Criticism
 Web Development

Certificate of Achievement:

AboutEdu Disclosure:  One of the principals of AboutEdu completed a course at Foothill College while attending Stanford University.

Indian Hills Community College
Online Tuition - Health Occupations Programs - Tuition for the 2008-09 academic year is: $137 per credit hour for in-state and online students.  $206 per credit hour for out-of-state and international students. Some classes will have supplementary/additional lab/technology/etc. fees. As noted throughout the AboutEdu site, please check with the school directly for the latest tuition and fees for program of interest. Tuition and Fees can change often, and without notice.

Career/Success Center -,

International Students -
Online Learning -

Online Degree and Diploma Programs
In addition to individual online courses, one degree and several diploma programs are available online.
Online A.A.S. Degree:  
Health Information Technology
Online Diploma Programs:
•Health Unit Coordinator
•Medical/Insurance Coding
•Medical Transcriptionist
•Microcomputer Specialist 
Aviation Ground School:
Students may complete Aviation Ground School courses fully online, as part of earning an A.A.S. degree in Aviation Pilot Training. However, additional on-campus courses and advanced flight training are required for students who wish to continue on for the full A.A.S. degree.

EduKan, - Beginning in the spring of 1998, six presidents of western Kansas community colleges met to evaluate an online means of offering courses to their student populations. From these early meetings, EduKan was formed. EduKan is not a separate institution, but instead a cooperative effort between member colleges to offer courses via the internet beginning Fall 1999. Those who enroll in the online program will be able to take course work that may lead to an associate degree from one of six participating institutions.

The institutions involved include: Barton Community College, in Great Bend; Colby Community College, in Colby; Dodge City Community College, in Dodge City; Garden City Community College, in Garden City; Pratt Community College, in Pratt; and Seward County Community College/Area Technical School, in Liberal.
Online Tuition - Tuition for all EduKan courses is a set rate of $125/credit hour regardless of Kansas residency status.
Online Courses and Programs Search:  
A complete list of courses offered each semester is listed under the Course section of the website. including:
Accounting I & II, Fundamentals of Writing, English Composition I and II, Speech I, Basic Applied Math, Beginning Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Principles of Biology, Anatomy & Physiology I & II , Physical Science, Fundamental of Chemistry, Introduction to Astronomy, General Psychology, Human Growth and Development, Principles of Macroeconomics, Principles of Microeconomics, World and Regional Geography, American Government, Cultural Anthropology, Native American Cultures, Introduction to Sociology, Personal Finance, Human Relations, Introduction to Business, Introduction to Computers, Micorcomputer Applications, Web Page Design, History and Criticism of Art I & II, American History to 1865, American History Since 1865, World Literature, Foundations of Modern Education, Children's Literature, Introduction to Music, Introduction to Ethics, Personal & Community Health, Horse Production and Elementary Spanish I & II.

Lake Region State College
Online Tuition - and   - Lake Region State College keeps costs low for our students. We have a one rate policy - Most U.S. students pay the same as North Dakota residents.

Cost Calculator - - Online tuition is listed as $127.71 tuition cost per credit plus additional applicable course/program/technlogy and other fees =  $175 per credit. Maximum per semester is estimated at $1,532.52, and maximum per year at $3,065.04 plus all applicable fees. If you are a full-time student, you will pay additional tuition and fees to take online courses from LRSC. These costs are not included in the cost of full-time tuition at the college. Tuition and fees do not include lab fees, textbooks, or supplies

Career/Placement Services -

International Students - - Foreign Students tuition is $319.28 per credit, a maximaum of $3,831.36 per semester, and a maximum of $7,662.72 per year with all additional applicable fees/charges
Online Learning/Courses/Programs  -

Associate in Arts
Early Childhood Education
Law Enforcement
Speech pathology


Tuition - - Students who do not reside in New York State and who are enrolled exclusively in distance learning courses will receive a college scholarship in the amount of the non-resident tuition charge, which will effectively reduce the tuition to New York State resident rates(Approximate $130 per credit hour plus all applicable fees for Part Time NYS Resident students). For further information, please contact the Bursar. As a point of reference, the any applicable fees, and other program related expenses. Please check with the school directly for the latest tuition rates, and fees.

Center for Career and Employment Services -

International Students -

Study Abroad Opportunities -
Online Learning, Courses and Programs -,

Hudson Valley Community College offers several degrees and certificates approved by the State Education Department that can be completed entirely* through our online course offerings. These programs are listed below.  If you have any questions about one of our online degree programs, contact the department chair and they will be glad to assist you.  
Degree Title Degree/Certificate
Business Administration A.S. 
Business Administration A.A.S.  
Business - Marketing A.A.S.   
Computer Information Systems A.A.S.  
Criminal Justice A.A.S.  
Dental Assisting Certificate  
General Education Certificate  
Individual Studies A.A.  
Individual Studies A.S.  
Liberal Arts and Science
Public Administration Studies A.A.S.   
Teaching Assistant Certificate  
 --In addition, a number of programs offer more than 75 percent of their courses online. Some online courses have required on-campus labs and/or proctored exams. These programs are listed below.
Courses also can be transferred from other institutions. However, at least 50 percent of the credits for your degree must be obtained at Hudson Valley Community College. Please contact the department chair for further details if a program interests you.
Degree Title Degree/Certificate
Accounting Certificate  
Administrative Information Technician A.A.S.  
Biotechnology A.S.  
Business - Accounting A.A.S.  
Chemical Dependency Counseling A.A.S
Computer Information Systems: Business Applications Programming A.A.S.
Computer Information Systems: E-Commerce A.A.S.  
Computer Information Systems: Internet and Web Programming A.A.S.  
Computer Information Systems: System and Network Administration A.A.S.
Computer Information Systems: Web Design A.A.S.
Early Childhood A.A.S.
Environmental Science A.S.  
Forensic Science Studies A.S. 
Health Information Technician A.A.S.
Human Services A.A.S.
Information Systems Certificate  
Labor Studies A.A.S.  
Liberal Arts and Science: Mathematics and Science A.S.
Mortuary Science A.A.S.
Physical Education Studies A.A.
All didactic courses in the Invasive Cardiovascular Technology certificate program are offered online but clinical rotations must be arranged by the clinical coordinator with an approved hospital site.
*Note: Some online courses have required on-campus labs and/or proctored exams. With careful planning and by speaking with an advisor, most of the degrees listed below can be completed totally online. Courses also can be transferred from other institutions. However, at least 50 percent of the credits for your degree must be obtained at Hudson Valley Community College. Please contact the departments for further details.
** Key to Degrees Earned:
A.A. = Associate in Arts
A.S. = Associate in Science
A.A.S. = Associate in Applied Science

Northhampton  Community College
Tuition - - EARLY CHILDHOOD and LIBRARY TECHNOLOGY ONLINE LEARNING - All online courses that begin with the course code EARL or LIBT only for students residing outside of the sponsoring school districts: $140 per credit - Fall 2011 - Summer 2012 - *EARL and LIBT courses are not assessed Institutional Fees, however, additional Academic Course Fees may apply. If your home community college does not offer your program of study, you may be eligible for sponsorship from your home community college and/or resident school district to attend NCC at a reduced rate. Allow enough time for your sponsorship request to be processed. A letter of approval signed by an authorized school official must be received by the NCC Bursar's Office two weeks prior to the tuition due date to confirm your attendance at the sponsored rate and should include either payment or billing instructions. Sponsorship is determined by your local school district and/or your local community college according to their respective rules of eligibility

Career Services -

International Students -

Sustainability -
Online Education Programs -,,

Northampton offers more than 150 online courses for credit. In all, nearly20 degree and certificate programscan be completed entirely online. These include:

Degrees which can be earned entirely through online courses:
•Associate in Applied Science Degree: Accounting
•Associate in Arts Degree: Business Administration
•Associate in Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice
•Associate in Applied Science: Early Childhood Education
•Associate in Arts Degree: General Studies
•Associate in Arts Degree: Individualized Transfer Studies
•Associate in Arts Degree: Liberal Arts
•Associate in Arts Degree: Social Work
•Associate in Arts Degree: Sport Management
 Degrees which can be earned almost entirely online (one - two courses must be taken on campus):
•Associate in Arts Degree: Journalism
•Associate in Applied Science: Business Management
 Degrees which can be earned partially online (three or more courses must be taken on campus):
•Associate in Arts Degree: Education
•Associate in Applied Science Degree: Funeral Services
•Associate in Applied Science: Special Education-Paraeducator Training
•Associate in Applied Science: Automotive Technology
 Specialized diplomas and certificates which can be earned via online learning at Northampton:
•Certificate Program: Early Childhood Education
•Specialized Certificate: Child Development Associate (CDA/eCDA)
•Specialized Diploma: Accounting
•Specialized Diploma: Accounting Assistant
•Specialized diploma: Early Childhood Education - Family Child Care
•Specialized diploma: Early Childhood Education - School-Age Child Care
•Specialized diploma: Leadership for Early Childhood Program Director
•Specialized diploma: Library Technical Assistant
•Specialized Diploma: Small Business Management
 Non-credit programs available online:
•Energy Efficiency Training Program
•Perioperative Nursing (R.N.'s)
•Literacy - GED
•RV Maintenance
Everett Community College
Tuition - - Non-resident US Citizen or Permanent Resident Tuition is $148.60  tuition per credit plus all additional applicable fees - Please check the school site directly for the latest tuition rates and fees, and for total costs for units 11 and above.  Other Non-Residents pay $267.85 per credit plus all applicable fees.

Career/Job Center -

International Students -

Sustainability -
Online Courses and Programs -,

Parkland Community College
Tuition: - Illinois Out of District Residents pay $147 per credit, Out of State and International Online Tuition estimated at approximately $237 per credit hour plus all applicable program and school fees. Please contact the school directly for the most up to date total costs of the online program of interest.

Tuition Comparison Chart - On their site's "Why Parkland?" page, the College does an excellent job of providing students with a comparison chart of how their in district online tuition per credit hour compares to some of the largest national online providers.

Career Center -

International Center -

Sustainability and Community -
Online Programs -

Many Associate's Degrees can be completed almost entirely online. Check on the online programs link provided for detailed information on each of the programs listed below, and their availability online.
Associate in Arts (A.A.) and Associate in Science (A.S.) Degrees1
Early Childhood Education
Elementary Education2
English Literature
General Education
Liberal Arts
Political Science
Secondary Education3
Social Work4
Special Education3
Business Administration
Business Education
Criminal Justice
1 all A.A and A.S. degrees require SPE101 available only on campus at Parkland or other accredited institutions
2 substitute math course and extra class for third-world requirement
3 extra class for third-world requirement
4 must take ANT 103 to avoid extra class for third world requirement

Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) Degrees
Business Management
Business Marketing
Customized Career Preparation
Programming - Database Management
Basic Website Design & Management
Computer MOS
Independent Business Management
International Business Management
Office Assistant
Programming - Object-Oriented Programming
Programming - Oracle DBA
Web Programmer


Beacon Hill Community College
Tuition & Fees – – Tuition and Fees
  • Massachusetts Residents: $141. per credit
    ($24. tuition + $112. general college fee + $5. technology fee)
  • Non-Massachusetts Residents and International Students: $347. per credit
    ($230. tuition + $112. general college fee + $5. technology fee)
  • The New England Regional Student Program: $138. per credit
    ($36 tuition + $97 general college fee + $5 technology fee)
    [This program is available to students from Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont with approval by the New England Board of Higher Education.]
      Important:   As noted throughout the AboutEdu website, please check with the school directly for the latest tuition and fees for your program of interest. Tuition and Fees change often and without notice.
Career Center -

International Center -

Online Learning -

Online Courses and Degrees include 

Online Degrees:
AA Business Concentration
AA Communication
AS Criminal Justice
AA General Concentration
AA Government / History
AS Management
AA Psychology
AA Sociology

Online Certificates:
 Accounting Information Certificate
Computer Forensics
Computed Tomography
 Excel Applications
Law Enforcement
Magnetic Resonance
PACs Admininistration
World Studies Certificate

Eastern Iowa Community College District: Clinton, Muscatine and Scott Community Colleges - -

In December of 1999, seven of Iowa’s community colleges formed a partnership and organized the Iowa Community College Online Consortium (ICCOC).  Representatives from each partner college participated in a comprehensive planning process to design and implement the consortium’s technical infrastructure as well as establish objectives, policies, and procedures. 

 The initial objectives were to establish resources and applications, train online instructors, develop online courses, coordinate student services support, and implement an informational Web site.  The ICCOC was able to obtain these objectives through the commitment of all consortium partners to provide quality online educational opportunities to students.

 Today the ICCOC continues to assist our partner consortium colleges deliver quality online education to students all over the world.  It has been our constant endeavor to provide training, communication, standards of quality, a collaborative working environment and a variety of learning opportunities.

Student Services by each member college -

Online Tuition - -  Tuition and fees for the2011-2012 academic year is $150.00 per credit hour plus all applicable fees/charges.

Online Courses and Programs - -
Programs of Study/Degree Programs - Each partner college offers its own set of degrees and programs.  These programs may be partially or entirely offered online.  All Consortium colleges offer their Associate of Arts degree totally online.  Students are encouraged to check with each individual college to determine which programs are available online.

Clark State Community College
Tuition - – Out of State tuition and fees estimated at approximately $148.40 per credit hour, but always check with the school directly for the latest tuition and fees, as these change often and without notice.
Online Programs -


Southeast Technical College

Tuition -  -  The approximate tuition rate for ALL resident and non-resident students for 2009-2010 is $161.26 per semester credit. Some programs may have differential tuition coststo offset additional program expenditures

Career Services -

International Students -

Online Programs -  

Online Degrees:

Southeast Technical College offers a range of programs completely online. Each degree, diploma, and certificate will list a program plan and course requirements. Online programs are offered in the following areas:


Administrative Support


Programming & Web Development

Individualized Studies

Medical Support


Online Liberal Arts and Sciences Courses

A full complement of Liberal Arts and Sciences courses are available online. The Liberal Arts and Sciences page contains more details. Online courses are marked with an asterisk (*) within each discipline listing.

Award Offerings

Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Degrees are primarily intended for employment. AAS degrees are not typically designed for transfer; however, other accredited colleges may transfer part or all of the credits depending on a learner’s particular situation.

AS degrees are designed to transfer to a baccalaureate major in a related field. An articulation agreement must be in place between Southeast Technical College and the receiving baccalaureate college or university.

Diploma programs prepare learners for entry-level skilled or semi-skilled professions. Certificates and Diplomas are not designed for transfer.

Certificate programs provide learners basic skills to upgrade their existing knowledge.



Minnesota West Community and Technical College - Minnesota West Community and Technical College is a comprehensive community and technical college with five southwestern Minnesota campuses: Canby, Granite Falls, Jackson, Pipestone, and Worthington and three learning centers in Fairmont, Luverne and Redwood Falls Minnesota. Students have the opportunity to earn an Associate Degree, Diploma, or Certificate in more than 60 disciplines.  

Tuition - Tuition rates for fully online courses is $177.45. This rate does not apply to web-enhanced courses. Programs or specific courses may carry a higher per credit rate 
Online Programs  -,

Minnesota West Online Programs include:
Apply now for online programs!
Accountant, A.A.S.
Accountant, Diploma
Accountant Clerk, Diploma
Administrative Assistant, A.A.S.
Administrative Assistant, Diploma
Biofuels Technology: Biodiesel Certificate
Biofuels Technology: Ethanol Certificate
Business, A.S.
Business Management, A.S.
Education Paraprofessional, Certificate
Energy Technical Specialist, A.A.S.
Healthcare Supervision and Leadership, Certificate
Information Security and Assurance, A.A.S.
Information Security Management, Certificate
Liberal Arts, A.A.
Management and Supervision in Healthcare, A.S.
Medical Administrative Secretary, AAS
Medical Secretary, Diploma
Medical Coding Specialist, Diploma
Three Year Nursing Program (Online) A.S.
Practical Nursing (Online) Diploma
Nursing A.S. (Online)
Receptionist, Certificate
Supervisory Leadership in Management, Certificate
Windsmith, Certificate

Tuition – - - Regular tuition and fees at Inver Hills are $171.73/credit, which covers most on-campus courses. There are higher tuition rates for online, CNT, EMS, and Nursing courses.  Online Course Tuition estimated at $181.73  per tuition credit plus all applicable general/program/school & other fees. This tuition rate applies to all students regardless of residency unless reciprocity agreements apply. Students from Wisconsin and South Dakota are covered by reciprocity agreements which govern their tuition rate.  Check with Enrollment Services

Career and Employment Services -

International Students -
Online Programs include  - 

Online Degrees:
Associate in Arts (A.A.)
Contemporary Business (A.S.)
Contemporary Business Practice (A.A.S.)
Human Services (A.S.)
Online Certificates:
Child Care Teacher (Human Services)
Customer Service (Business)
Criminal Justice (Postgraduate Certificate)
Human Services Assistant (Business)
Human Resource Management (Business)
Innovative Technology and Instruction
Marketing and Sales (Business)
Project Management (Business)
Professional Writing
Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree:
The Associate in Arts degree is a general, liberal education degree equivalent to the first two years of a bachelor’s degree. The A.A. degree incorporates 40 credits from Inver Hills courses that are part of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC). These courses and credits are approved for transfer to the Minnesota state universities (such as Winona State, St. Cloud State, and Metropolitan State), the University of Minnesota, and many private colleges. In addition, the A.A. includes 14 credits of electives or pre-major course work and 2 credits in health/physical education.

Partially Online Degress and Certificates:
While not completely online, these programs offer a high percentage of courses online. Due to the nature of some of the coursework, some courses are only offered on-campus.
Building Inspection Technology
•Building Inspection Technology (A.A.S. degree)
•Building Inspection Technology (Certificate)
•Building Permit Technician (Certificate)
•Building Inspection Technology Core (Certificate)
The Inver Hills Paralegal A.S. degree and certificate are partially online. The ABA (American Bar Association) does not allow approved programs to be offered completely online.

Lake Superior Community College
Online Course Tuition -  - Online Course Tuition: $176.99 per credit  plus all applicable fees.
Online Programs include -
Degrees / Programs - LSC offers the following programs online:
Accountant: Associate in Applied Science (70 credits)
Administrative Support : Legal Secretary, Certificate (18 credits)
Associate in Arts Degree (60 credits)
Business Administration: Associate in Science (64 credits)
CISCO Network Associate: Certificate (14 credits)
Hemodialysis Patient Care (21 credits)
Microsoft Systems Administrator: Certificate (13 credits)
Network Administration in Associate of Applied Science (72 credits)
Paralegal: Assoc. in Science (64 credits)
Paralegal: Assoc. in Applied Science (64 credits)
Professional Bookkeeper (30 credits)


Dallas Community College District - With over 35 years of experience with technology-based distance learning, the Online Campus of the Dallas County Community College District finds itself at a distinct advantage. Given how much both education and technology have changed over that span, it's clear that the Online Campus is able to be flexible and adaptable as this landscape continues to change at a rapid pace.

And it's easy to see why. Top-notch education is now available completely at a distance, a concept unheard of only a few years ago. Online classes are cheaper to produce, so we can dedicate our resources to You by improving the courses and the way they are delivered.

The Online Campus of the DCCCD offers a full range of college courses that lead to certificate and degree options without the boundaries of the physical campus environment. As the largest undergraduate institution in the state of Texas and growing, the school serves Dallas County and many points beyond, including students of the seven campuses in the district.

Tuition - - We may be the largest undergraduate institution in the state of Texas, but our tuition rates are some of the lowest around – especially considering the quality of education you’re getting. The amount of tuition you pay is based on where you live and the number of credit hours you take in a given semester. Dallas County residents pay $135 per three-hour class — that’s $45 per credit hour, or less than $550 for a full semester load of 12 credit hours. If you live outside Dallas County, tuition rates are still comparatively low:
  • $83 per credit hour for Texas residents outside of Dallas County
  • $132 per credit hour for out-of-state and out-of-country residents, with a $200 minimum
    Compare that to what you’d pay elsewhere!
Out of State and Out of Country Distance Learning classes are $165 per credit hour plus all applicable fees. For distance learning students who reside outside of Texas and have not maintained Texas as their residency of record a distance learning charge of $55 per credit hour (a minimum of $165 for 3 credit hours or less) shall be charged in addition to out-of-state or out-of-country tuition . This charge may be adjusted for third party payers who have established a distance learning partnership with the District and provide contracted services in lieu of payment of all or a portion of the distance learning charge. New Tuition Schedules go into effect Spring 2011, and we suggest you check their site for the latest information.

Online Courses/Programs - -Degrees: 100% at a distance: You must complete 25% of your courses at one designated college to earn a degree from that institution.
Burlinton County College
Tuition -  Out of State or Country Tuition is listed as $173 tuition per credit, plus estimated additional general, school and program fees that bring the estimated total to $201.50 per credit.  However, please check directly with the school for the latest total online costs and all applicable fees.

Career Development Center -

International Students -
Online Programs include  

Associate Degrees
Associate of Arts (A.A.) in Liberal Arts
Associate of Science (A.S.) in Liberal Arts and Sciences
 Associate of Science (A.S.) in Accounting
Associate of Science (A.S.) in Business Administration
Associate of Arts (A.A.) in Psychology
Associate of Arts (A.A.) in Education
Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) in Business Management Technology
Academic Certificate:
Liberal Arts and Sciences Certificate
Career Certificates:
Family Helper Certificate

Lake Area Technical Institute
Tuition - - This is one of the most confusing sites when it comes to Tuition Cost of online programs for out of state or international students. Out of State Distance and International students must contact the school to obtain the latest applicable tuition rates and fees for the program of interest.  For any programs at this school, we strongly suggest contacting them directly to make sure the program is 100% online(some programs may require some on campus elements) and the latest actual total costs for out-of state and international distance learners.

International Students -
Online/ eDegrees include - -
Business Associate E-Degree, Computer Information Systems E-Degree, Dental Assisting E-Degree, Financial Services E-Degree, Medical Laboratory Technician E-Degree, Practical Nursing E-Degree, and a Robotics E-Degree.

Columbus State Community College
Tuition - Quarterly Academic Fees -
Ohio resident students are charged $79 per credit hour for all hours scheduled. Non-Ohio, U.S. resident students are charged $175 per credit hour for all hours scheduled. International students are charged $210 per credit hour for all hours scheduled. 

Migrant workers Footnote on tuition page:  A person who has been employed as a migrant worker in the State of Ohio and his or her dependents shall be considered a resident for these purposes provided such person has worked in Ohio at least four months during each of the three years preceding the proposed enrollment.

Career Services -

International Students -
Online Learning/Programs  - - 

Distance Learning Certificates and Degrees
Certificate Programs:
Columbus State Community College currently offers the following certificates through Distance Learning, certain courses may require some face-to-face learning experience:
1.Certificate in 3D Visualization
2.Certificate in Bookkeeping
3.Certificate in Complementary Care
4.Certificate in Desktop Publishing
5.Certificate in Digital Design
6.Certificate in Direct Marketing
7.Certificate in Health and Safety Training for Hazardous Waste Operations
8.Certificate in Health Care Manager
9.Certificate in Leadership Skills Development
10.Certificate in Office Specialist
11.Certificate in Patient Care Skills
12.Certificate in Photography
13.Certificate in Pre-MBA (Marketing)
14.Certificate in Pre-MBA (Business Management)
15.Certificate in Strategic Procurement
16.Certificate in Supply Chain Management
17.Certificate in Sustainable Building Certificate
Associate Programs:
Columbus State Community College currently offers the following associate degrees through Distance Learning, certain courses may require some face-to-face learning experience: 
1.Associate of Arts
2.Associate of Applied Science in Business Management
3.Associate of Applied Science in Exercise Science Major
4.Associate of Applied Science in Geographic Information Systems
5.Associate of Applied Science in Health Information Management Technology
6.Associate of Applied Science in Marketing
7.Associate of Applied Science in Medical Laboratory Technology
8.Associate of Applied Science in Nursing
9.Associate of Applied Science in Supply Chain Management

Bismarck State College
Tuition , and  - Online classes from $176.00 per credit, and Online Energy Programs $216.00 per credit (Power/Process/ETST) plus all additional applicable fees/charges. Online Books approximately $200-$500 dollars per semester.

Career Services -

International Students -

Sustainability -

Online Courses & Degree Programs -,  - DEGREE PROGRAMS include:

Bismarck State College's online offerings include courses that lead to a Program Certificate or an Associate in Applied Science degreeThese programs are:

Energy Technology Degrees


   Jackson Community College
   Tuition - – Out of State and International Tuition is estimated at approximately $200 per credit hour, and this is not including all applicable course/program and all other general fees.  The Course Fee for online courses are based on total billing contact hours for each course.  For example, an online course with 3 billing hours would carry one course fee of $108, but please check directly with the school for the latest costs and fees.

Career Services/Center for Student Success -

International Students -

Sustainability -
   Online Learning/Programs -, 

   Degrees, Certificates and Concentrations Completely Online include:
   -General Education - Certificate  
   - Accounting - Associate in Applied Science  
   - Accounting - Certificate  
   - Business Administration - Associate in Applied Science  
   - Business Administration - Certificate  
   - Management - Certificate  
   - Financial Services - Concentration  
   Coming in Winter of 2010...
   -Corrections Certificate
   -Corrections Officer Concentration 
   Programs Online: 
   - General Sonography - Associate in Applied Science   
   - Vascular Sonography - Associate in Applied Science  
   - Cardiac Sonography - Associate in Applied Science   
   Note: Completion of biology requirement in all sonography programs can be completed on campus or transferred to JCC.